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Emmanuel has a strong reputation for being a very musical college. The College has music practice rooms, pianos, and other musical equipment which students may use. If you have a specific question about anything on this page, or you would like assistance in finding a teacher, please contact the President.

Funding for music lessons

Emmanuel College can provide funding for private instrumental and singing lessons for members who make a substantial contribution to musical life in the College (this usually means taking part in ensembles and/or performing recitals in College). The Committee of the Burnaby and Jameson Funds meekts annually in December, and all Junior members of Emmanuel College are welcome to apply for a grant. To do so, please write to the Director of Music by the last day of Michaelmas Full Term. Include in the letter the cost and frequency of lessons both taken and anticipated for the full academic year, and give details of your involvement in music in Cambridge.

For students reading Music, the cost of individual lessons (up to a certain limit) will usually be met from Tutorial funds; and there are Organ Scholarships and Choral Awards awarded by competitive audition. Please contact the Director of Music at any time (usually before arriving at College) for information about these additional sources.

Freshers are also encouraged to audition for an Instrumental Award through the inter-College Instrumental Award Scheme for Chamber Music. Note that applications for Instrumental Awards are due in February, well before you arrive in Cambridge, and that you would be required to audition in September. More information is available here.

Music practice rooms

Emmanuel College has three music practice rooms, each equipped with an upright piano and music stands, available for use by all members of College. One is the Greenwood Room, located at the back of the Queen's Building on the ground floor. The room is named after Leonard Greenwood, a Fellow in Classics who was much involved with ECMS in the 1920s.

The two Hostel Music Rooms are located in the basement of H Staircase in the Hostel (which is at the back of the Paddock). Hostel Music Room B also contains a drum kit available for student practice.

To book a practice slot, simply go to the Porters' Lodge, fill in your name and time on the sign-up sheets (these are beside the maintenance book), and sign out a key with the Porters. If you're not sure what to do, just ask our friendly Porters for guidance. Please be sure to return your key on time so that others may practice too.


The College owns a collection of fine musical instruments.

Grand Pianos

There is a fine Bösendorfer grand piano in the Old Library, a beautiful large room perfect for chamber music. Permission to practice on this instrument is granted by audition (you will need to be around the standard of Grade 8 Distinction).

There is also a Steinway Model B grand piano in the Queen's Building. Housed in the Keyboard Room, it is reserved for public concerts in the Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, an intimate, modern auditorium that seats 130.


Emmanuel College owns one of the nicest harpsichords in Cambridge. Made by Milan Misina of Oxford, it is a French double-manual harpsichord (2 x 8' + 4') after eighteenth-century models. Please contact the President or Vice-President if you are interested in harpsichord lessons. Please contact the Director of Music if you would like permission to access the instrument.

Chapel Organ

The College has a fine organ, built in 1988 by Kenneth Jones and Associates of Bray, Ireland, housed within the College's Chapel. It is a three-manual mechanical action organ with 34 stops. For more information, visit the Chapel web pages or contact the Director of Music. The Chapel, designed by Christopher Wren, is a beautiful venue for organ recitals and other concerts. Please feel free to contact Mark Zang or George Maddison(our Senior and Junior Organ Scholars) if you are interested in applying to be an Organ Scholar at Emmanuel College. More information about the Cambridge Organ Scholarships are available here.

Drum Kit

ECMS owns a drum kit located in Hostel Music Room B, available for individual members of College to practice (note that you must own your own sticks). If you are interested in using the drum kit, please email the President

Members of College are reminded that drum silencers are provided, and it is expected that these will be used during individual practice, out of consideration for students resident in the Hostel.

A second drum kit is available for hire (for a nominal fee) to Cambridge University clubs, societies, and events.

Double Bass

Emmanuel College Music Society owns a double bass which can be used by Emmanuel College members. If you are interested in using the double bass, please email the President.

The double bass is available to hire (for a nominal fee) to Cambridge University clubs, societies, and events.

Other equipment

If you have any specific requirements or suggestions for new equipment, please get in touch with the President: it may be that we are able to help. It is recommended that students requiring amplifiers (e.g. bass guitarists) contact the President for guidance about options available. Please note that, unfortunately, ECMS is unable to offer storage for students' instruments and amplifiers.