Music Rooms

Emmanuel College has 4 music rooms that are available to book. These are the Greenwood Room, Furness Lodge Music Room 1, Furness Lodge Music Room 2, and the Yates and Roon Room (Furness Lodge Music Room 3). These are available to book between 9am and 10pm daily, and these can either be booked through CASC on the College Website, or through the Porters’ Lodge.

The Greenwood Room contains an upright Piano, music stands and chairs, as well as our 3/4 Double Bass. It also has the Greenwood Room cupboard, which is used for ECMS storage. It is located on the ground floor of the Queen’s Building, at the rear of the building.

Furness Lodge Music Rooms 1 and 2 both have upright pianos, chairs and music stands.

The Yates and Roon Room, the largest of the music rooms, contains a grand piano, one of ECMS’s drum kits and amps. This room is soundproofed and is suitable for a range of practice. Currently this is the only place in College suitable for band practice (amplified music). If playing amplified music, please make sure to only do this during sociable hours, as to not disturb students in their accommodation in Young’s Court and South Court.

Grand Pianos

The College currently has a number of grand pianos, including a Steinway and Sons. Please contact the director of music, Graham Walker (ghw22) if you wish to practice on these.

Chamber Music

The society runs a chamber music scheme, in which students can express their interest to start a new ensemble, and can be paired with like-minded students to start the ensemble. They are provided with support from the society, both monetary and in terms of guidance. If you are interested in taking advantage of the chamber music scheme, please contact the Co-Presidents at

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